The Lockdown Crew

Here we go again. This time hopefully everyone will come together and we can see the back of the covid restrictions.

I’m particularly blessed to be sharing my space with these dudes again.

I’m sure you won’t mind a repeat introduction!

Queenita Bonita
Brownie Puss the Teddy Bear 🧸
Tommasino Maggiore

I’ll be writing an in depth introduction to each of the Lockdown Crew in future editions of this blog.

Until then, Happy New year to you and all, stay safe and happy 😊 ❤

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Baby Boy recorded 4 years ago 💙 written several light years ago…

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Back track

I guess there are no accidents is true… today I was clearing thru old journals. I found the one where Gandalf left. 💔

And of course that was followed by me moving back home to my parents after yet another unsuccessful attempt to stand on my own two feet, this time culminating in the loss of my precious 5 year compadre the beautiful G.

A few weeks later, I am still numbly grieving when the two furries arrived in our life.

That was 2017. Three years ago. Feels like a lifetime. It is a lifetime for Brownie and Queenie.

I knew eventually that I would be leaving them. I didn’t want to fall in love, but sure look. Nobody is ever prepared for love. And I seem to be unfairly open to it, especially when it comes to cats. Sure look at me – snuggling up on the sofa with Gandalf’s mortal enemy Tom! I can’t be unkind with him. It’s just not in my nature. Especially when he’s been usurped by two furries of outstanding personality and attitude. Not to mention the dog! He is over his zenith. And they don’t understand that they are just in their prime. They are just in it, living it. A study in living in the moment.

I don’t even want to talk about the future. I have a feeling I know what could happen…I see quantum possibilities. But hey. Thats a story for another day.

Tommasino Maggiore of the Sicilian couch mafia.
Brownie is the Boss.
Queenita Pequenita Queredita
Gandito aka
Gandalf the #2 Magic Cat
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The Peepy Eye

Brownie, at rest.
Look closer.
He takes his Alpha role very seriously indeed.

Sometimes I wonder, did Gandalf die? And, is Brownie his reincarnation?

How naturally ironic would that be considering the role reversal with his old nemesis, Don Tommasino.

Brownie almost never sleeps 100% as you can see from above – the Peeping Eye surveys all!

And its not only Queenie he is jealous of…Tom was snuggled beside me on the couch today, and he was under constant surveillance from the Sultan of Chenille on his throne.

But Brownie is a very very smart little fellow. He steps back when I ask him to, allowing his Queen sister to eat first, and would do the same for Tom, if Tom was not afraid to eat under the self same watchful eye.

Brownie also knows and respects his own place on the windowsill, while Tom resists it more and prefers to fight me for, or purringly share, the sofa.

They are intriguing and interesting company, no doubt, each one such an individual with his or her own unique characteristics.

Don’t get cats if you want to exert your authority too much. Brownie chooses to obey me because I am his chosen human. He is allowed to occasionally sleep on my bed, after all. Be kind, let them come and go at will, feed them the best you can and pet them when they desire, and for however long they desire it. They will reward you with lifelong entertainment and company, love and healing purrs. There is literally nothing more rewarding than a wild animal who chooses to domesticate himself and chooses you as his personal friend. If you are in trouble, he will materialise and stay by your side until he deems the worst danger has passed.

Cats are an absolute blessing, but never take them for granted! They will do as they want.

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Brownie’s Jealousy

I only realised at bedtime that my furry teddy bear 🧸 🐻 is utterly jealous of his sister Queenie.

This is my spot, and here I’m staying! All night, whether you like it or not. (At the foot of the bed)

After I’d spent the early part of the day snuggling Queenie and trying to pet him at the same time; he seemed to lose interest or get distracted by the hunt of leaves or the watching of birds; but in fact the whole time I was cleaning up the house, he kept trying to get my attention, bless him. He’s such a little cutie pie. I love them both so much. After I lost Merlin I swore never again, then after Gandalf left…well, I wasn’t given a choice, but I am not complaining! I just don’t want to think about when I have to leave them. And who ever knew Tom (Gandalf’s mortal enemy for years) and I would end up falling in love in his furry retirement. Well I always did have a soft spot for Michael Corleone.

Teddy Brownie with his own little Teddy bear 🧸
My view this morning 🌄 😍
Don Tommasino of the Sicilian Couch Mafia.
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Friday 13th

Sun shone. Kev woke me early with a phone call from Ghana 🇬🇭

Brownie politely called me for morning cuddles and breakfast.

I wanted to go out for a walk, but you know those days when the sunlight shows up all the dust and dirt? Yep. So I started cleaning tidying and organising. It was a good day.

Before anything else though, Queenie needed her cuddles. My little princess. She’s like a baby. My furry little baby. That fur though. At this time of the year it is hard to breathe with both herself and Brownie inside more because of the cold. And Tom! Who knew a short haired cat would shed so much!! He rules the couch and leaves a layer after himself.

So I’m going to have an early night now after dusting, washing, shaking freshening and the rest.

Brownie was not best pleased with me today because I didn’t produce amazing new cat food from the grocery store yesterday. I have to go out again tomorrow now…oh, just the absolute essentials Gard. You know, wine, catfood and Lady products…🙄🤭

The Queen’s Gambit: I had to lend her my throne so I could do some chores…
They used to be so close! Now its all Queenie hissing and grumbling….Brownie just looking at me in confusion…and then sniffing her tail….
Mr. T on his throne.
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Bank Holiday weekend

Queenie cakes
Beautiful sunset

The clocks going back usually puts me in bad mood but this year it brings me and my love closer together as we are finally back on the same time zone.

My daily walks are now becoming a thing. Daily tarot too, though that took a break today. Akosua, or Sunday born, means its my day to do whatever I want.

Today that meant reading in bed, eating much chocolate, drinking much coffee and listening to much much techno.

Check out Aly and Fila, Giovanni Ortoviani and of course Mr Paul van Dyk.

On the way back from my evening stroll i met Queenie who came around the back with me to eat.

Brownie went outside and Tom is still snoring on the windowsill.

Business as usual in cat land.

I had a good reading today and I feel quite content with my intuition.

Looking forward to another day of doing whatever I want tomorrow. With cats, of course. I think Queenie cuddles are in order. I hope she is up for that. I hope Brownie comes back in tonight as well. 🙂

Her Silkiness
You call this catfood? A fiend for a new boxes.
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All we have/are Energy Pirate power station Each one of us Reaching out To/for become one Don’t let go Speak from above We got you The act of breath Defiantly repeated Create In the face of the enemy No blame here Just go your own way You got me We are all connected In the blue In the deep deep green Green gold Energy Feel it as it tries to hold you down It works through the other Separating Creating the enemy But we are all just energy Reaching out to explore To experience: Out of the squalid murk I reach I breathe again In this moment I choose to feel To heal To rise and rise To reconnect To shine.

Get up already.
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The seasonal changes are inviting longer evenings and soup.

The cats are wondering why the doors aren’t open all the time (no more presents, thank you Brownie) and they are thirstier from the heating.

I am craving winter sun. Ibiza this time last year seems like a distant dream. A new adventure is calling. And I have to meet the beautiful New man in my life, who supports me and talks with me every day online.

More to follow….

Even Queenie the little Gelfling is seeking refuge.
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Sweet Divine Mother

The last 6 months in a blog post. Well. Everything has changed.

Except for the reliable cat flatmates I share with.

Thank goodness for these guys. Tom is still ensconced. We had a power struggle during the lockdown. He started to think he was the boss of me!

I felt bad for him so he’s back, but a bit humbler. Not stealing the couch from me so much or demanding that I get up every time I sit down.

Mind you working from home is a double edged sword. I don’t sleep very well at night and if I have a bad day at the office I have nowhere to go. I have started running though. And Pilates twice a week with Ann Dempsey. And Dance class with Cayisha Graham on Wednesdays. And I am now able to eat a decent dinner every night if I want to. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who has cleaned their whole apartment, experimented in the kitchen and turned their kitchen floor into a dancefloor.

The cats are very patient with me, they used to get breakfast between 7 and 9. Now it might be 12 noon. However Queenie has taken to loudly announcing her hunger on my Mam’s windowsill next door.

Put your paws in the air
Snuggle like you just don’t care
You can’t leave without me.
Surprise! Queenie is rarely home these days. But I open the window around 6 am and usually wake up to one of the boys at my feet. Normally Brownie who is quite possessive but occasionally Tom. Queenie is overdue a visit soon.

Since the lockdown started we’ve had the joy of home grooming and it hasn’t been easy. Brownie and Queenie have been very patient.

I think they are getting used to us being home all the time but I’m starting to get itchy feet….

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