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Sarah Victoria Leopard

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Now it’s a newspaper and the news and an advertisement board lol

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Snow day

As usual in the morning when I open the door Queenie runs up mewling and chirruping a greeting; stands on my feet to hug me with her little furry forelegs and until I sit down she is climbing me. Not afraid of being picked up at all; she’d climb me like a ladder if her claws were not so sharp. She usually behaves like this when she’s been out all night. Now she’s in a purring ball on my knees. I am not complaining as it’s bitterly cold and my knees ache!

I am glad the snow came finally though as now there’s a reason for the cold.

Brownie came running in too but he’s less interested in being petted than turning my yoga mat into his play zone and now wash area. There’s a ray of sunshine stretching from the bedroom window towards him so he’s happy enough at my feet.

Happy cats.

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Yoga Cats

I just laid out the mat for an oul stretch and Queenie approached me with purrs and delighted snuggles.

I wish I had a photo of her nestled snuggly under my downward dog!

After dinner I came back in to find this scene…

Obviously I left it out so she could do her own yoga.

Brownie supervising.

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Whose got time for the blues with these babies?

Look at these little healers. Purr and simple, they adore fur clothes. I had forgotten and put this on straight out of the laundry. Oh well. They think it’s their mommy and they literally knead and milk it and then purr themselves asleep. Bless their furry lil paws. I love the snuggles too…

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Back to Work :/

Kittens watched me clean out the car today partly stoic partly anxious as changes always affect our furry friends.

Queenie sat immobile on the decking bannisters, while Brownie ran here and there and eventually sat right in front of the car, almost as if to stop me leaving.

Awww bless my furries.


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And then there were 3….

As you can see I took pity on Tom. He’s not really house trained but he was delighted to be included in this afternoon’s snuggle party in the apartment.

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For the love of purrr

My fur babies clearly missed me last night when I was staying with friends. Both of them are on my bed, with a respectful distance while I am on the phone (unusual that they’re not up in my face!) And the purrrrs oh my Lord and Lady…..blessed am I amongst kitties. So in love with these babies…..

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